Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand Review

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Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand ReviewCompared to typical steam mops, the Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand easily stands out, thanks to its name brand and all-purpose feature. This feature allows us not to restrictedly use it for floor cleaning but we can also use it to clean surfaces above the floor.

The whole mechanism is designed so that it can be turned upside down without spilling out the water in the tank. And speaking of the tank, we think it has the largest one by far as it can contain almost 1 gallon of water. If you’re interested to this Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand, you won’t want to miss this review!

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Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand At A Glance


What We Like

  • All-purpose feature (works upside down)
  • Large water reservoir and long cord
  • Heats up quickly
  • Washable microfiber cleaning pads
  • A whole lot of accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite heavy especially for above the floor jobs
  • The towels for above the floor cleaning is too small


Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand In ActionThe overall construction of most Oreck products consistently look rugged and convincing. This Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand is certainly no different!

Unlike other popular steam mops, this model doesn’t feel flimsy and is reliable enough on the hands. In exchange, it does pack a bit of weight. This is especially the case when you fill the water reservoir all the way up or when you use it to clean some above the floor surfaces. But, in reality, you couldn’t expect the durability and performance it gives without having some weight to it.

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Happily, the Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand comes with fairly long cord (16 feet), so your range is slightly larger compared to using other steam mops. The water reservoir is very large too. With nearly 1-gallons of water, you can easily clean the whole house without having to refill it. When it does come time to refill though, it is very easy to do!

The unit can also be used as window washer and steam cleaner for above the floor surfaces. However, considering its weight, you may not be too comfortable of lifting it up over your head. We’d suggest maybe filling it up with less water if you need to use it over your head. You may have to refill more, but it would make it lighter.

Also, the provided mop towels are too small to be used with the universal clips it comes with. So, you should buy separate cloths. That was disappointing.


For all-purpose steam cleaner, Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand is not really perfect. While it works outstandingly for any type of hard floor surfaces, above the floor cleaning can be very difficult, as mentioned above. This is partly from the weight, but also because when you use it upside down the steam that is discharged is not really powerful. So the cleaning isn’t quite as effective as on the floor.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great steam mop. It heats the water very quickly and can handle the persistent dirt left on your grout. Laminate, wooden, tile, and vinyl flooring is also cleaned nicely. Best of all, the steam doesn’t leave that ugly streaky floor. Instead, it will give you the shining and sanitized floor that free of germs, mold and other baddies other options can leave around.

Time To Make Your Decision

We can’t say that it’s a good ALL-PURPOSE steam wand but for deep cleaning any flooring surface of yours, this unit is at the top of the class. Rugged and durable design, large water reservoir, long cord, fast heat-up time, strong steam jet, all of them will really help you clean and sanitize your house.

Overall, we give Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steam Wand four out of five stars.

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