Haan FS20 Steam Mop Review

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Haan FS20 Steam Mop ReviewThe Haan FS20 Steam Mop, with all of its features, can actually compete with other steam mops from more well known brands. The steam it discharges is quite hot (over than 200 degrees Fahrenheit) enabling the it to kill almost all of the unhealthy germs and other baddies instantly.

It also offers light handle that makes it easier to maneuver it, though in our opinion it’s too light that you may find it necessary to make some repetitive swaps. If you’ve been looking for a Haan FS20 Steam Mop…check out this review!

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Haan FS20 Steam Mop At A Glance


What We Like

  • Works well for all types of floor
  • Water gets heated quickly and it evaporates automatically (no pumping)
  • Carpet attachment is very handy
  • 2 washable mop pads
  • Lightweight and pretty ergonomic
  • Steam is quite hot

What We Don’t Like

  • Small water reservoir
  • All plastic builds look fragile


Haan FS20 Steam Mop Review Close up ImageThe Haan FS20 Steam Mop features all plastic construction. While it’s similar with other steam mops from good brands, we believe Haan could improve it a bit more. The whole thing just looks (and feels!) fairly fragile.

When we say that it’s lightweight, it actually goes a little beyond that. Only weighing in at about 3.15lbs, you can push this thing forward and backward with incredible ease.

As good as that sounds in theory, once you find some stains that will need repetitive scrubbing it loses it’s luster. While we count it as a con, there are plenty of people who may find it as a pro.

Regardless, we’re happy to find that it is more ergonomic than the competitive models. From the lightweight body to the ideally tall handle, everything is really supportive for convenient deep cleaning.

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To some extent, the Haan FS20 Steam Mop is a wonderful steam mop to work with. It’s tall enough that you hardly need to bend when doing the deep cleaning and it’s very lightweight to be moved and carried around.

Also, microfiber mop pads it comes with use the super-absorbent technology. They will hardly leave unsightly streaks and will not dampen your floor. You know it’s a pain to have to come back with some new mop to dry your floor after steaming it up.

On the other hand, the water tank is quite small. And with the powerful heating elements this steam mop has, it evaporates very quickly and that means more frequent refilling.


The head of Haan FS20 Steam Mop features multiple steam jets which are spread in a nice line across it. They discharge a good amount of steam simultaneously and that will definitely help you clean the whole house faster. In some models, the steam jets are only focused in the middle of the head, making them difficult to clean along the edges.

The steam it produces is very hot, though it’s not to the extent where it can cause you a nasty burn. This hot steam will literally kill virtually all the baddies and make your floor totally hygienic.

Time To Make Your Decision

We do not say that this unit is the perfect one. After all, nothing is perfect. It definitely has some shortcomings that have the potential to make it an undesirable choice for some.

However, overall this steam mop is great product that can deliver the clean and hygienic floor you have always dreamt about. All that being said, our final verdict is that Haan FS20 Steam Mop is highly recommended! We give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

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