Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop Review

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Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop ReviewDirt Devil is well known for its reliable appliances including the Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop. Featuring a daring red color, this unit really has a cool look. Unfortunately, once you get it in your hands, the plastic body is a bit cheap and flimsy.

Still, as an inexpensive steam mop, it sports a fairly decent load. The head is designed to resemble a triangle instead of the common rectangle. This will facilitate the ability to maneuver across the floor surface and pick up the baddies it catches. If you’ve been eyeing the Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop, you’d better read this review!

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Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop At A Glance


What We Like

  • Heats up fairly quickly
  • Steam jets are placed on the entire pad surface
  • V-shaped and swivel head for easier maneuvering
  • Lots of accessories included

What We Don’t Like

  • Cheap plastic material
  • Poor construction


Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop In ActionWe’d expected to see that the daring red color featured by Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop would have been complemented by a solid and durable construction when compared to top steam mops.

Yet, we were led to disappointment as we found that most of its parts are made of plastic. The only part that is made of metal is the extension wand.

Furthermore, it feels so flimsy that we doubt if it will survive for a year with constant use. The whole unit is extendable in order to provide great ease of use for users. However, we do not recommend that you extend it to the full length due to the fragile construction issue.

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The most obvious thing that makes Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop stand out is the V-shaped head. Actually, one of Shark’s steam mops also comes with a triangular head but it is set as an additional accessories rather than the primary one. This is a nice geature to have included.

Such a head offers benefit to the users that it can cover some areas that are hard to reach. It also makes cleaning along the edges easier. On the other hand, the fact that it’s not very solid and rugged may hinder you from experiencing convenient cleaning. This is especially true for people are tall because while it’s extendable, setting the device to its full length is very risky.


The multiple stream jets which are spread equally on the entire head makes Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop very effective to deep clean any hard floor surfaces. Instead of focusing the steam on one spot, it disperses it around the microfiber mop pad, allowing it to deeply sanitize the floor and eliminate most of the germs.

By the way, you may find that the head is somehow lifted a couple of inches from the floor when you’re pulling it. This is because the design of the pivoting joint that connects the head with the unit. That said, you may have to adjust and get used to it before you can use it very effectively

Time To Make Your Decision

Overall, the Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop is not a bad product. It can deep clean any types of floor without literally leaving it soaked in uncomfortable watery layer. However, the flimsy and fragile feeling cannot convince us that it would actually last for long, especially if you use it constantly or intensively.

Still, with such an affordable price point, it can easily pay itself off in the short time. So, we leave everything to you now even though if you look for the one that is more durable, we’d certainly suggest that you pick up other steam mops instead of Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop. Check out this offering from Black and Decker, for example.

We gave this model a 3 out of 5 stars.

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