Black and Decker SM1620 Steam Mop Review

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Black and Decker SM1620 Steam Mop ReviewProudly touting unique Smart Select technology, Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop attracted our attention and so we decide to review it for you here. The steam mop is not really different from other competitive models.

Swivel steering, washable mop pads, compatible with most common floor surfaces, almost every feature sported by most steam mops today is found on  this model.

The only difference is probably the “Smart Select Technology”. It allows the device to adjust the amount of steam it discharges for each of different types of floors.

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Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop At A Glance


What We Like

  • Smart Select technology
  • Ready to go indicator
  • Swivel steering
  • Hand free pad removal
  • Machine stops when set upright

What We Don’t Like

  • Only one hole for the steam to gush out
  • Steam jet is not powerful
  • Fairly short


Black and Decker SM1620 Steam Mop In ActionIn a quick look, you may think that Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop is not really solid in terms of construction. However, as you get your hands on it, you’ll realize that it’s pretty rugged and stiff regardless its thin handle.

The only thing that we dislike is that it’s a bit short. Occasionally, you may find your self have to bend in order to push it forward. And despite its plastic material, the whole unit looks much better when you compare typical steam mops.

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The Smart Select technology that comes with Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop makes it easy for you to adjust the level of the steam. You know some particular types of floors can be damaged if exposed to very hot steam and with this model you can make sure that it is not happening to you. The dial is located at the front, so again it’s a snap to set.

There is also this ready to go indicator that will turn blue when the water is hot enough for you to steam mop the floor. The fact that Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop stops producing steam when the unit is set upright can’t be more helpful.

You know there is always something that requires you to stop when in the middle of the cleaning and with this feature in hand, you don’t need to bother turning off the unit.


Sadly, all of those nice bells and whistles are not supported by a decent performance of the appliance. Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop is a bit inferior in this area if compared to typical devices.

The steam it discharges is not very powerfully hot. Moreover, there is only one hole in the head from which the steam gushes out. So, you will need to push your back a bit when using it. Don’t bother with coated stain on your floor because some light spots even require a few back and forth to be wiped out.

If you are looking for a top performer, check out the Shark S3501 Steam Pocket.

Time To Make Your Decision

All the bells and whistles offered by this unit really look interesting, especially when they’re brought by an elegant steam mop like this. However, if you look for the one that can do a decent job, you can certainly find some better steam mops (either Shark, Oreck, or Haan). In our opinion, this Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop cannot go with more than 3 out of stars.

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