Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors — Top 7 Reviews (2020) 

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Having spent $90 on a new steam mop a few months ago, I had very high expectations of the product, especially after reading several positive reviews.  

As it turns out, it was a complete waste of money. It actually stopped producing steam after only two cleaning sessions. 

That’s when I decided that there isn’t valuable information out there on the ideal steam cleaner for vinyl floors, and the reviews I read were simply promotional.  There’s no way to be sure what was the best steam mop for vinyl floors.


Top Pick: SIMBR Detachable Steam Mop

A well-rounded steam mop with the most convenient design and performance features. It is detachable, swivels for ease of use and it’s foldable for easy storage.

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Top 7 Steam Mops for Vinyl Floors


SIMBR Detachable Steam MopBest Product Overall

SIMBR Detachable Steam MopIntroducing the SIMBR Detachable Steam Mop for versatile steam cleaning of all your vinyl floors. Its two-in-one multifunction makes it a good choice for the money. 

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 design functions as a steam mop and a portable steam cleaner
  • Delivers 1200-watt powerful hot vapor under 30 seconds
  • Triangular head swivels 180 degrees to reach hard-to-reach spaces
  • Folding design allows for easy storage after use
  • Extra-large water tank capacity that last a whole cleaning session 

This steamer is very light, which makes a good choice for everyday cleaning. This is a great feature for me because I usually have two stories of vinyl floors to deal with. 

I really appreciate the 1200-watt engine, which heats up under 30 seconds. Not to mention that the steam dries pretty fast after every pass. 

I have to admit that the triangular mop head is unlike any other. It swiveled 180 degrees, allowing me to reach tight space under the furniture and around corners. 

Another extraordinary feature is the folding design, which makes it easy to store without taking too much space. 

What I didn’t like is the lack of 360-degree swivel movement. The 180-degree swivel does the trick, but not as effective as 360-degree movement. 


  • Removes all tough stains and sticky messes
  • Produces chemical-free steam, which is safe for a crawling baby
  • Easy to use, no extra strength needed, just push back and forth 
  • It heats up very quickly and dries up remarkably fast
  • Swiveling handle reaches tight space and in corners 


  • I had to deal with a loose attachment to prevent leaking 


Every convenient feature you could think of is available on this product. In fact, the water tank is impressively large for long cleaning periods. 

Overall Rating

This is the ultimate cleaning solution for vinyl floors. I give its design and performance a five-star rating, but it could be better with a 360-degree swivel head. 

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Light n Easy S3101 Steam MopBest Value for the Price  

The Light n Easy S3101 is a great one-stop solution for all your vinyl floors cleaning. Engineered to remove the toughest stains without the need of harsh chemicals. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight model that goes easy on your shoulders
  • Friendly and healthy mop steam
  • Offers 5-in-1 solutions for your vinyl floors
  • Three-layered mop pads for effective penetration 

The high powered steam engine cleans at a remarkably fast rate to get rid of bacteria, stains, dirt, and grime from your vinyl floors.

The telescoping handle was such a breeze to use. I could easily adjust it to cater to my height and cleaning habits. 

The lack of a push button seemed off, but the idea of pumping the handle a few times to release the steam was equally amazing.

The water tank is easily accessible from the back. You can conveniently add up to 220 ml with the help of a measuring cup. This capacity is enough to clean an entire floor. 

The Velcro tabs could be larger. The smaller ones don’t provide strong attachment with the microfiber mop pads. 


  • A lightweight steam mop is convenient for long-duration use
  • Leaving the handle stops releasing steam 
  • Three-layered pads provide deep steam penetration 
  • Easy to use disposable pads with Velcro tabs
  • Telescoping and bending handle improves maneuverability 


  • Velcro tabs are too small to offer strong pad attachment


The Light n Easy S3101 is committed to making your life easier. Effortlessly and quickly, this model removes dirt and bacteria to refresh your vinyl floors. 

Overall Rating 

I give this product a five-star rating for its easy assembly and easy operation. But it could be better with a push button for steam control. 

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Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam MopEasiest to Assemble & Use

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop, Blue, 1940A (Same as 1940)Now you can harness the power of steam with the Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe to clean your vinyl floors the chemical-free way. 

Key Features

  • Cleans, removes germs and bacteria, and sanitizes
  • Tough spot-boost brush for working out stuck-on messes
  • Quick steam release action in 30 seconds
  • Features all essential accessories for easy cleaning 
  • 25-foot long power cord for maneuverability 

The Steam Mop Deluxe is engineered to clean your vinyl floors by using steam on-demand. Just add enough water, plug it in and in 30 seconds you are ready to clean. 

With the easy to squeeze trigger, this unit applies safe, chemical-free steam only on demand. This leaves your vinyl floors clean and virtually dry after each pass. 

For tight spaces, the mop head swivels 360 degrees for easier access. The low profile handle design will go under furniture with ease. 

The improved microfiber mop pads are safe for your vinyl surfaces. They are reusable, eliminating the waste of disposable pads. 

What I particularly didn’t like about this product was the customer service. They are unresponsive most of the time. 


  • Assembling the unit was a breeze 
  • Mop head swivels and moves easily around corners
  • Water cup allows for convenient filling 
  • Ample cord that is easy to navigate within the house
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around


  • Unresponsive customer support 


For an all-natural, healthier way to clean your vinyl floors, rely on the power of Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe. Now that you are familiar with product, you can start cleaning. 

Overall Rating 

All features considered, this uniquely made mop steam gets a five-star rating for its steaming and cleaning properties. But it could be better with a responsive customer support team. 

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Iwoly M11 Steam Mop CleanerMost Expensive Model

iwoly M11 CleanerIf you have a lot of stuck-on mess on your vinyl floors, the Iwoly M11 Steam Mop Cleaner uses intelligent steam control to knock things loose. It helps eliminate germs and bacteria. 

Key Features

  • Cleans effectively without chemicals 
  • Intelligent controls for customized cleaning
  • Automatically shifts to standby mode in vertical position 
  • 420 ml large water tank for extended cleaning sessions

This product is easy to assemble and operate. The main body comes with the water tank intact. All you have to do is insert the handle and clamp. Then add water and attach the mop pad. 

There is a convenient one push button on the handle that functions as the on/off button on the main body. This feature came in handy whenever I wanted to pick a phone call. 

The intelligent steam control allows you to select low settings for everyday cleaning and high settings for removing stuck-on messes. 

The microfiber cloth and the steam get rid of all the bacteria and germs. Another good feature is the vibration function, which helps you to clean more efficiently. 

I didn’t like the vibrator. It started working on its own without pushing the handle. This was quite annoying in my case. 


  • Easy to assemble, easy to operate
  • Two washable and reusable mop pads for versatility
  • 360 degree swivel makes hard-to-reach spaces easy to clean
  • Super large water tank doesn’t need regular refills
  • Customized steam release for on-demand cleaning


  • Attachments tend to leak


The Iwoly M11 Cleaner is the perfect choice for preserving your vinyl floor finish. Its customized controls ensures you use the correct steam level for faultless cleaning. 

Overall Rating 

I give the intelligent steam release control a five-star rating. But this product could do better with some crucial improvements. 

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Holife Steam Mop Floor Steamer CleanerModel With Largest Tank 

Holife Steam Mop Floor Steamer CleanerIf you have a number of vinyl floors to clean, the Holife Steamer Cleaner is perfect for on-demand steam cleaning. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to assemble, easy to operate
  • Super large water tank for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Washable mop pads are reusable 
  • One button steam release control 
  • Fast heating engine under 25 seconds

If you don’t want to have to spend the whole day yelling at your family not to walk on your freshly mopped floors, the Holife dries quickly. 

This one works beautifully on vinyl and its steam blaster is suitable for all kinds of dirt and germs. It offers 99.99% sanitation with no harsh chemicals. 

My favorite feature when using this steamer was the one button control. It allows for quick steam release in under 25 seconds. 

This unit has an extra-large water tank, which is great because it allows you to clean for extended durations without the need to refill every time. 

I didn’t like the quality of the pads. Yes, they are washable and reusable, but they wear out easily, which calls for replacement pads. Also, it doesn’t swivel, only up and down movements.  


  • Lightweight and glides easily on vinyl floors
  • One button control allows for easy steam release
  • Telescopic pole is low profile for convenient up and down navigation
  • Fast heating under 25 seconds and quick drying 
  • Comes complete with cleaning accessories


  • It could be better with a swivel mop head 


If you have been looking for a model with a large water tank capacity for uninterrupted cleaning, this is what you should be looking for. 

Overall Rating

I really wish I could give the Holife Steam Mop Floor Steamer Cleaner a five-star rating, but it lacks a swivel mop head. I give it a four-star rating for its impressive cleaning properties. 

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Light n Easy All-in-One Steam MopMost Flexible Design 

Light n Easy All-in-One Steam MopThe Light n Easy All-in-One might be a good choice, if you want a steamer that will do more than just clean your vinyl floors. 

Key Features

  • Provides five-in-one flexibility 
  • Lightweight design that will not exhaust your energy
  • Fast steam release action and super-fast drying
  • Ergonomic handle design that collapses for flexibility
  • Smart sensor and switch allows for easy operation 

Its unique three-in-one design includes a steam mop for cleaning your vinyl floors and a fabric steamer and handheld steam cleaner for other purposes. 

The ergonomic handle connects securely to the control unit and the mop head, and it is engineered for a superior grip and comfort. 

Its digital steam control provides on-demand high, medium and low settings for customizable vinyl floor cleaning. You can adjust the settings accordingly to tackle tough, sticky messes. 

Another great feature is the smart switch technology. Tilt the handle to steam and stand it upright to stop steaming.  

I would prefer larger Velcro tabs for stronger pad attachment. Also, the customer service seems to take forever to respond to a complaint. 


  • Sturdy, lightweight and compact design 
  • Fast cleaning and drying with no soggy residue 
  • Smart switch and smart sensor allow for safe operation 
  • A highly versatile and compact mop steamer 
  • Easy to use disposable pads with Velcro tabs


  • Velcro tabs could be bigger for stronger pad attachment  
  • Power cord was a bit harder to navigate 


When you buy Light n Easy All-in-One, you will no longer require a traditional mop to clean your vinyl floors. It offers all the cleaning solutions you have been looking for. 

Overall Rating 

If a powerful tool that gets rid of tough, sticky messes is what you are looking for, then this product is your five-star option. But it could be better with additional perks. 

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Shark S1000A Steam MopMost Inexpensive Model 

Shark S1000A Steam MopPresenting the Shark S1000A, which allows you to effectively clean and sanitize your vinyl floors using just water. 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Easy fill and refill extra-large water tank
  • Quick steam release action within 30 seconds
  • Easy to assemble, easy to operate
  • Kills all invisible germs and bacteria 

This steamer combines never-before-seen technological advances in steam cleaning. All in an easy-to-operate, compact and lightweight unit. 

The ergonomic handle offers a strong and comfortable grip, which allows you to clean longer with ease. The handle also stands up on its own when not in use. 

Its large capacity water tank simply means you can clean and sanitize more vinyl floor space without having to stop for frequent refills. 

The Shark S1000A gives you practically instant steam. Its eco-friendly microfiber mop pads are washable to reuse over and over again. 

What I didn’t like is the quality of the mop pads. They wear out quickly, and I had to buy a few more to ensure my vinyl floors stay clean. 


  • Lightweight, compact and quiet-running
  • Produces hot vapor that is free of the smell of harsh chemicals
  • A superior alternative to using traditional mops
  • Takes only three clicks to assemble 
  • Quick steam release action and quick drying 


  • Poor quality microfiber pads may need replacement 


This is a powerful, compact and reliable steam mop. Assembly is not only simple, but fast.  Unlike the competition, this product proved to be a reliable choice for cleaning vinyl floors. 

Overall Rating 

Although it may not have some essential perks, it does balance the lack of missing features with strong steam cleaning capability. I give it a thumbs up for transforming my floors. 

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vinyl floor

How to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors 

Is it safe to steam clean vinyl floors? Vinyl floors are delicate and expensive. So, you must take your time when choosing equipment for the job. 

Safe for Vinyl Floors

The last thing you want from a steam mop is one that will make your vinyl floors even dirtier and damaged. Detailed tests have shown that some units will do exactly that. 

While the best can remove all traces of muddy footprints in seconds, a bad one will just smear them around. So, remember this during your selection. 

Killing Germs and Bacteria

Another claim from most manufacturers is the ability of their products to kill 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria. 

After an encounter with numerous products, including the ones reviewed herein. I can confidently say that there is some truth in the claims. 

But I believe products that can generate hot vapor of above 175 degrees Fahrenheit are capable of killing germs and bacteria. 



Features to Look for in a Steam Mop

A steam mop can be safe to use on your vinyl floor, but is it built to transform a dirty vinyl floor into a spotless one. Here are the key metrics you should look for. 

Steam Control 

A model that releases continuous hot vapor may not be the safest for your vinyl floors, even if it is waterproof. 

This calls for a unit with adjustable steam control. High-quality systems either have digital controls (dial/touch) or a trigger button. 

Steam control enables you to customize your cleaning. You can select a low setting for everyday use or a high release on-demand to get rid of stick-on messes. 

I also realized that a device with automatic steam control is important. You might stop to pick a call, if the steam release doesn’t stop, the excess moisture can cause damages.

Water Tank Capacity

Water tank sizes range from 250 ml to more than a liter, and take anywhere from twenty seconds to more than four minutes to heat up. 

Once ready, some models will give you as little as nine minutes of cleaning, while others last for more than half an hour. 

I recommend a tank capacity that is more than 250 ml. This will increase steaming time and reduce the number of times you need to refill the tank. 

Navigation and Maneuverability 

A model can only be easy to use on your vinyl floor if you can effortlessly navigate and move it around with ease. There are several things you should look for here. 

First, choose a model with swivel movement. One that can swivel 360 degrees for easy penetration under furniture and hard-to-reach places. 

Second, always go for a long cord not unless you have sockets on every wall in your house. This will make navigation a breeze, especially around or under furniture. 

Third, an ergonomic handle that will not slip off your hand. Preferably, controls should be on the handle for customizing vapor release when cleaning hard-to-reach places. 

How Much Are You Looking to Spend?

A device that cleans dirt and steams your vinyl floor effectively can be yours for as little as $50. If you choose one of our best buys. 

Costlier models tend to have more accessories, tools, and features, such as adjustable steam pressure or different cleaning pads. 

Final Thoughts 

The SIMBR Detachable Steam Mop outclassed in the competition in the various key metrics I used to determine the best steam mop for vinyl floors. 

It heats up under 30 seconds and the vinyl floor dries pretty first after every pass. Not to mention that it doesn’t leave residue behind.  

The icing on the cake is its extra-large water tank capacity, which can last up to 20 minutes when using the high steam release setting. 

It’s remarkably easy to put together and use. The 180-degree swivel mop head reaches hard-to-reach places. Also, the ergonomic handle makes navigation a breeze. 

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